Giving healthcare clarity.

Technology solutions for traceability in healthcare, pharmaceutical & medical devices sectors.

Empowering individuals to make more informed, data-driven healthcare decisions.

Solutions that harness innovative Quæfacta technology

Introducing Quæfacta! We are a technology company focused on bringing secure, user-centric and patient focused solutions, including blockchain, AI and IoT to the healthcare and lifesciences fields.

Our innovative technology solutions aim to provide traceability and transparency for the safe exchange of medical data, and to enhance visibility across complex medical supply chains. 

Quæfacta’s international team have extensive expertise in healthcare, traceability and utilising blockchain based technology solutions for addressing real world challenges. 

Our Services


Medication supply chain traceability 

Medical Devices

Document storage and management system


Secure exchange of medical information 

At Quæfacta, we believe that paying attention to facts and people can transform the world!

Our Approach

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By tracing an individual asset across a supply chain, trace data captured at each point links to the physical product, validating that an activity has been performed. 



Automating and streamlining the auditing and certification process, offers an enhanced proof of quality for auditors, regulatory bodies and end consumers.  


Providing a secure, immutable platform which complies with data privacy laws for protecting  sensitive and confidential patient health information. 


Easily accessible information and improved transparency across complex global supply chains allows trust to develop amongst the various participating industries.

Quaefacta literal Latin to English translation is ‘what happened’