Trusted traceability in healthcare

Quæfacta provides a digital solution bringing trusted traceability in healthcare.

We rely on organisational partnerships and future-proof technology, integrate fragmented information sources and provide companies with real-time data, key analytics and business intelligence to streamline operational activities and assist in improving patient lives and treatment outcomes.

H Project Initiative

The H Project initiative aims to deliver a positive social, economic and health impact for patients receiving medication treatment for TB and HIV disease in developing countries.

Quæfacta will focus on global development goals, regulatory policies and humanitarian initiatives outlined by organisations including; WHO, EU, OECD, Pharmaceutical companies and NGO’s.

Our project proposal intends to provide end-to-end traceability along the pharmaceutical value chain specifically targeting TB and HIV disease, addressing the logistics of medications supply/usage, and the medication verification process for end users.

H Project Initiative


Quæfacta SAS

Quæfeacta SAS is being created at the moment.

The company is located in Paris, France.